Friday, 17 June 2011

Photo Friday: The Blue Pig

Blue Pig

Pubs are pretty important in British culture, and Grantham once had hundreds of public houses for thirsty travellers on their way to London. Some of our more famous Pubs include 'The Beehive', with its living bee hive sign, and the infamous 'Goose at the Bank' which Harlaxton students seem to congregate in (despite the fact that locals consider it a bit of an 'old man' pub!)

When I was studying in Evansville, one of my lecturers found out that I was from Grantham. The thing he spoke to me about the most was 'The Blue Pig' pub shown above: he remembered eating their massive sandwiches and drinknig with the locals there the most. A lot fo the pubs in Grantham are 'Blue Pubs' because they were owned by Whigs: do drink in the blue pubs you had to vote blue. In its history Grantham has had pubs named the Blue Pig, the Blue Lion, the Blue Horse, the Blue Dog, the Blue Bull, the Blue Cow, the Blue Ram, the Blue Sheep, the Blue Lamb, and the Blue Man: I wonder how many pubs were left for those who didn't want to vote Whig!

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