Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Exploring Grantham

Have you ever stumbled across the upsetting news that you want to travel, but you're broke?  Or maybe you have too much work to leave for more than a few hours, but you still want to do something fun over the weekend.  Whatever the case, the town of Grantham should not be viewed as anything less than an adventure.  Most merely see this as the stopping point between Harlaxton and other glamorous vacation spots, but Grantham has a charm and elegance that is worth a look around.

If you want to spend the day in Grantham, I suggest you go on a Saturday.  Why?  Because every Saturday there's a fabulous farmer's market.  The mere atmosphere is spectacular with vendors yelling out their prices and wares; the air is alive with a kind of energy you don't find much outside this close-knit community.  Plus, they sell everything you could possibly want.  Fresh fruit and vegetables abound, so even in the middle of winter you can get juicy and delicious strawberries.  If fruit isn't your thing, fear not!  There's a stand set up for you no matter what your interests are.  In this two block stretch of road there are stands that sell books, fresh bread, cheese, sweets, clothes, toys, bakery items, records, meats, seafood, and hardware.  And if you don't feel like shopping, then you can always just get some lunch from the street vendors and take a look around while you eat.  However, if it's freezing when you go, might I suggest getting lunch at the cafe inside of the Morrison's grocery store?  The food is excellent and inexpensive, but, best of all, if you have sinus issues or a plugged nose (which I've seemed to have since arriving) the best thing for you is a bowl of their Chili Con Carne.  It's so spicy and delicious I guarantee you'll be able to breathe after three bites!  Definitely worth it.

If you get cold easily, but still what to see the many things Grantham has to offer, you should check out the charity shops.  All over Grantham are small thrift stores with second-hand items: kind of like Goodwill's cousin.  However, these shops donate their earnings to certain charities.  There's a store benefiting the Red Cross, Vets For Pets, and retirees.  They all have really great finds in them as well.  Grantham is surrounded by wealthier towns, and when people clean out their closets they're more than likely to bring unwanted possessions to one of these places to help promote the greater good.

And, if you're craving a little slice of home, one of the places Harlaxton students visit the most is Asda. Asda is the United Kingdom's version of Wal-Mart, and they have everything you could possibly imagine.  Most students who go there buy food: usually bread and some form of Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread).  As long as you're there, though, you might as well look around at all the fun things they have.  When you look back on your day in Grantham I'm sure your memories will be full of good times, and your wallet won't be empty!


  1. I bought some ballet shoes in the market that I still have 25years later But the town has changed a lot .