Monday, 8 October 2012

I love people.  It's a vague statement, I know, but people are such treasurers and have so much to offer.

I love learning.  One of my favorite ways to learn is by simply getting to know people. Discovering how others live and conduct their everyday lives helps me grow as a person.

And I love Harlaxton, for providing me with countless opportunities to interact with people--my fellow students, the Harlaxton faculty and staff, my Meet-a-Family, and most recently, British citizens through an open forum.

I absolutely love my Meet-a-Family.  We are alike in so many ways and have bonded over the few weeks we've known each other.  The Sunday after our Meet-a-Family dinner, I spent the day with my couple.  I played violin with my host mom at their church, while my host dad played the piano.  The members of the church were so welcoming and were genuinely interested in me, my studies, and my US home.  I enjoyed sharing with them after the service.

After church, we went back to their lovely home.  While they made lunch, we watched a recording of the last day of the BBC Proms, a huge classical music festival!! I can't believe I've never heard of it--it's right up my alley!  I had lamb for the first time and we played croquet and sipped tea throughout the afternoon.  I could really get used to this.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to have a conversation with Henrietta Chubb at an Open Forum event.  Simply listening to her tell about her childhood and life now was so valuable.  I learned an incredible amount about British life as she shared about her experiences in boarding school growing up and how her son enjoys boarding school, whereas her daughter only boards 2 nights a week.  She is a Justice of the Peace, and I learned about the court system.  And...her mom mum and dad have titles!  Sir and Lady!  She casually explained that the title would be passed on to her brother.  I don't think she knew how her ordinary life was so interesting to me!

I'm trying to make like a sponge and soak it all up.  I'm looking forward to all of the conversations in my future.

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