Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Student Government Association at Harlaxton College

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a part of providing the Harlaxton experience.  SGA assists in making decisions by voicing the opinions of the students to the faculty and board.  They are there to help better the experience for the students of the college so it can be the best experience possible.  Throughout the semester SGA puts on events which entertain, educate and allow students to interact with one another and the community.  

Being a part of SGA as the treasurer I am pleased to listen to suggestions from the students of Harlaxton.  We push to put the best interests of the students first.  But in every government system there are flaws and strengths this includes SGA.  There have been highlights during this semester along with times of compromising.  

SGA this semester has brought forward opportunities for students to make a difference in the community.  We have put on two fundraisers which have benefited a local charity.  The first fundraiser which was put on was ‘Candy Grams.’  Students were able to purchase a candy and send it to their valentine for only 50 pence.  The fundraiser was such a success there was need to go over the original budget plan for the candy.  SGA decided it was totally worth it to go over the original budget.  The second fundraiser we sold handmade ducks for one pound.  Caroline who works at reception took time to make every duck by hand to help benefit the children.  This fundraiser was another success.  It was the big topic of the day at Harlaxton College to see who got which duck.  

The local charity which both events have benefited is the Action for Children.  Action for Children has 600 services across the U.K.  Their work supports over 250,000 children, young people and parents.  They are out to stop child neglect and abuse.  To learn more about Action for Children and how you can help support this charity visit their website at  SGA has provided students to have the chance to make a difference in their local community from these fundraisers.

We at SGA are here to listen to concerns of the student body.  Such as an event as Meatless Mondays many students expressed their opinions on the subject.  Students were not pleased when waking up and not seeing bacon and sausage at breakfast.  The students received at 8 a.m. a facebook message on the announcement of Meatless Mondays.  The students voiced their opinions on facebook with multiple posts.  It was clear SGA wanted to hear the student’s opinions in person rather than over facebook.  

The original decision for Meatless Mondays was made on February 15, 2013 by the people present at the SGA meeting that night.  Meatless Mondays was planned to help create Harlaxton College a greener place.  The following video explains what they had entailed to making the decision  At the meeting from hearing both sides' views on the topic, the final decision was to delay Meatless Mondays and send out a survey to the students.  The survey would show if the student body was in favor of having Meatless Mondays at all and if so what day would be best to do it on.  The situation was resolved at the meeting on March 4, 2013.

Learning to work together in a collaborative manner helps everyone grow as an individual.  In the end SGA pushes to make them known in the community such as supporting local charities while learning and improving as much as they can to provide the student body with an enjoyable experience at Harlaxton College.  

If you would like to learn more about SGA; SGA meets every Monday at 6 p.m. in the Morning Room of Harlaxton College.  Or you may talk to any of our board members with any questions or concerns.  Our board members are Reagan Wallace (President), Justin Lang (Treasurer), Caitlyn Ricks (Secretary), and Olivia Sharp (Secretary). 

-Justin Lang

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