Friday, 16 October 2015

Not Your Average Tourist

There are tourist destinations in every town, but if you’re like me, you probably enjoy finding the amazing mom and pop shop around the corner from the London Eye. When travelling, I plan on going to typical tourist destinations, but I find walking around more fun. In my opinion the best way to travel, whether it be in Europe or your home state, is by walking around and observing the people and places around you. Tourist destinations provide people with a great way to learn about history, but I also want to learn about present day life in Great Britain.  So far I have travelled to London, Scotland, and throughout Lincolnshire and have found some great places that are not filled with tourists. Here are some of places I have found while travelling:

·         Fiori- this little sandwich shop in London on Cranbourn Street near the M&M Store
·         Jenny’s Bakery- this pastry shop is a great place to stop for afternoon tea, or hot chocolate, and pastry when you’re near the London Eye on Belvedere Road
·         Food trucks in Jubilee Gardens in London

·         The Jabberwocky- a tea shop in Stamford

·         Fayre Earth Gift Shop- this store in Falkland, Scotland is filled with handmade crafts
·         Hugh’s Gallery- a shop filled with photos of London near Convent Gardens
·         St. Mary’s Antiquarian Books- an antique bookstore in Stamford, England

·         Russell Gardens- a small park in London
·         Southall, London- a part of London that is largely influenced by Indian and Pakistani cultures
·         New Media Museum- a place to learn about photography and it’s a fun place for children too
·         Harrogate, Scotland- a little fishing village in the Land of Fife where you can either go the local fishing museum, grabs some fish and chips, or walk out on to the beach and watch the sunrise

I hope this helped you find some not so touristy places while traveling in England and Scotland. And remember, when you’re travelling leave some free time to just walk around and observe your surroundings.

Written by: Vickie Huber

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