Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Most Common Mistakes Students Make When They Get Here

By: Brittney Diehm, Spring 2017

When we all go through the decision-making process about whether or not to completely exit our comfort zones for an entire semester, I think many students turn to friends that have already come to Harlaxton or studied abroad somewhere else. At least, that’s what my friends and I seemed to do.

The advice I received ranged from, “oh my gosh Brittney you have to do it, it will change your life forever” to “you will grow so much in such a short amount of time,” and even “you will forever want to go back even though there will be times you will want nothing but to just be home.”

Looking at these messages now… wow. In only a few short weeks I can see how all of this advice can relate to so many people. And let me tell you, we’ve all grown and learned a lot and January isn’t even over yet. People make mistakes, and we have a lot of mistakes to make here.

We were put here at Harlaxton to figure life out. To make mistakes, and be our own people in our own little ‘Harlaxton Bubble’. So let’s talk about the mistakes made already.

As far as my travel experience, the second week I was here I booked the wrong flight and immediately panicked. I think I was overwhelmed looking at flights, times, trains, taxis, and many other tabs opened on my computer while trying to plan the perfect weekend trip. I took a second and simply searched how to switch my flight. Although it cost me an extra 30 pounds, it was so easy to do and I guess I experienced #adulting for myself.

One student also made the mistake of playing me in basketball. Don’t do that. I’m pretty sure he has pneumonia now.

There have been much worse experiences, however. Groups have missed shuttles to the train station, missed trains, had the door of the train shut in their faces as the rest of the group happily carries on without them, and flights have been delayed placing students behind on arrival over 20 hours.

Every mistake is a learning opportunity, especially when travelling. However, as study abroad students we learn to make the most out of our mistakes and develop stronger relationships.

Like I said before, we are all here to learn, grow, and make our own mistakes. Everyone has made their fair share already, but we’re all continuing to thrive. We can’t complain. What are a few mistakes compared to living in a castle and travelling to a new country every weekend? 

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