Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bluebell woods at Harlaxton

The Bluebell woods at Harlaxton were opened to the public last Sunday, 1 May, a lovely warm spring day and ideal for walking through the woodland. The pictures give a really good idea of what the carpet of blue flowers looked like, in the dappled shade of the trees with their gradually 0pening leaves, but what you miss is the beautiful bluebell scent. This really hit one as soon as you entered the woods - such a pity that we can't take this home, as you can the photos.

A good number of people came, some walking up from Harlaxton village where there was a flower festival taking place, and they seemed to really enjoy their visit. One person described it as our 'best kept secret. It is such a pity that they last for so short a time.

Harlaxton woods at bluebell time

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