Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Month of May

Here's some facts about the month ahead in the UK...

May Day

Weaving the maypole

Not just something you shout when in danger on a ship, May Day in the UK is celebrated to mark the end of the harsh winter and to look forward to a prosperous summer. Traditionally a Maypole dance takes place: the photograph shown above is of the oldest maypole in England.

On May 1st if you wash your face in the early morning dew it's supposed to have magical properties and to make you beautiful...

Oak Apple Day

Up until the 20th century it used to be a requirement that you pin an oak leaf to your clothes to mark the day that King Charles II returned to the throne in 1860. People who don't wear a leaf can be pinched, giving it it's colloquial name of 'Pinch Bum day'! It's not something I'd heard of before now so I don't think people do it still, but it's always worth wearing one so you can dole out pinches to unsuspecting friends!

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