Thursday, 6 September 2012

Two Weeks Down!

I am already two weeks into my semester at Harlaxton and all I can say is wow. It's been such an adventure up to this point. To start with, my concerns about traveling were somewhat justified. The airline lost my luggage and I was stuck in England for a week with two sets of clothes. I had to by some new clothes and I borrowed a nice montage of "smart dress" for our formal dinner. Beyond my lost luggage though, Harlaxton is great. I have already gotten involved with several student groups on campus. I joined the Harlaxton Choir, a collection of students and staff united with the common goal of making music. I have also become involved with the Harlaxton Players. The Players is a theater company for any student regardless of prior experience. We have already begun planning for our show(s) this semester. And of course there's the Manor Cup. Yesterday all of the students were sorted into one of four houses: Gregory (named after the builder of the Manor Gregory Gregory), Mercia (named after the Anglo-Saxon kingdom that controlled the land), Pegasus (named after the British 6th airborne unit that was stationed here before their role in D-Day), and Newton (named after Sir Isaac Newton who studied in Grantham). I am a proud member of the inaugural class of Newton House. Last night was our first Manor cup event: intermural handball. I'm a bit banged up from my role on the Newton House team, which placed second, but it was a great experience anyway. Congratulations to Gregory House for their hard fought victory over us in the championship match. I will be heading to Cambridge this weekend and I'll be sure to have details in the next blog entry. Until then, stay classy internet.

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  1. I love the fact that you are sorting into Houses. Harlaxton does have the feel of Hogwarts, in my distant memory.

    You are in for the adventure of a lifetime, Aaron. Don't forget to sit back and enjoy it. Allow yourself some time to just breathe and be there.

    Best to you,
    Maria Day
    Harlaxton, Fall 87 & Spring 88