Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Romance, Waves, & Blue Skies

Trivia Question: Where did America’s favorite Royal couple meet?

Answer: University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

This University is not only where William and Kate met, but is known for being one of the most “romantic” colleges in Great Britain. One in every ten students will find the person they will marry at this college. It has almost a mythical reputation for matchmaking. (Maybe I should have studied abroad there). St. Andrews hosts much more than just a romantic college. The city has beautiful, if not cold shores, over a dozen book stores, and even more tea shops. It’s a perfect way to spend a cold afternoon.

Freezing weather did not stop me from running
through the waves with my shoes off.
It shouldn’t stop anyone!
When studying abroad it is so tempting to choose huge trips to partake in, for example, going to London and Bath in England or visiting Rome and Florence in Italy. And of course visiting Paris. Some of the best trips are places that you don’t read about in pamphlets and top ten articles. At first, I wanted to hit all the tourist spots. Every single one. And St. Andrews wasn’t really on that list. I went with the school, not by choice. The best adventures are the ones you don’t plan.  

If there is any advice I can give to anyone studying abroad, it would be this: don’t get so caught up in trying to put stamps in your passport that you forget about the places that are not always on the maps.

Written by: Skylar Plummer

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