Monday, 8 February 2016

Travel Bug Fever

When I first discovered that I was coming to the United Kingdom and staying here for four months, I knew I was going to travel. I just knew I was. I kept telling myself (and others) that I was going to go here and there and around that corner and around this corner. No matter how much I would spend, no matter where I stayed or how I got there, I was going to quite literally see the world.
Let’s just say, I had the travel bug fever. You know, that fever you get after that nasty little green bug flies on your shoulders and bites you whenever you travel?
Well, this idea was still going through my head once I jumped off the bus at the manor and was still going through my non-travelling American brain once I was on the train to London during that first weekend in the UK. After the first weekend, I began to notice that maybe travelling the world can be a little tiresome, but hey, I’m still going to do it!
This is how that idea began to change over the next couple of trips:
Trip #2, Day Trip to Cambridge: OK, that was fun, but I’m ready to lie down for a bit.
Trip #3, Day Trip to Lincoln: this is for class, but I’m ready to go home… and I just got here.
Trip #4, Day Trip to York: I’m starting to think this wasn’t a good plan.
Trip #5, Day Trip to Nottingham: I wish I didn’t sign up for this.
Trip #6, Day Trip to Stamford: You know what? Forget this. I’m not going.
This past weekend was literally my first weekend since I came to the UK in which the only trips I made were to the restrooms—I’m sorry, toilets—and to the refectory before collapsing in my bed and binging on Clifford the Big Red Dog—that’s right, Clifford. The. Big. Red. Dog—in my Mickey Mouse pajamas with ease.
Oh, don’t worry. That thought of travelling the world is still swishing around in my brain, but now, it’ll have to wait until after I find out about all the fun adventures Clifford and Emily Elizabeth go on with their friends. So, take this lesson into consideration, kids: if you want to go travel, then go travel. Let your little wings soar you into the clouds and hopefully not into an upcoming airplane! But sometimes, the best trip you can take is the one to your bed.

Written by: Titianna Folson

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