Monday, 28 March 2016

Dear Last Semester Me

As I am sitting here, typing on my laptop, I have just realized that I have less than a month left at Harlaxton. Even though I miss my friends and family back home, I know that I will also miss my time here in England. From becoming an experienced traveler to creating lasting friendships, I know that I will cherish every memory. It is hard to think that about four months ago I was leaving to study abroad. If I could say anything to prepare myself for this journey of a lifetime, here is what I would say:

Dear Last Semester Me,

You have absolutely no idea just how wonderful this experience will be for you. I understand that you are very nervous to be leaving everything safe and to be studying abroad in an unfamiliar country, but this program is definitely as magical as everyone has stated. You will finally travel to many of the countries that you have dreamt about, and every day will be an adventure. From the very first day, you will make so many new friends, and this beautiful, yet slightly daunting, manor will always welcome you home. This semester is about you, so do everything you have ever desired to accomplish, from trying exotic foods to zip lining. Every single second of every single minute in every single day you will be growing and becoming more independent, so enjoy every moment while you are here. Be confident. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be you.

Much love,

The Person You Have Always Aspired To Be

Here are some more practical pieces of advice from other Harlaxton students:

"On the flight over, make sure you bring two suitcases! You will need all the space, and do not forget your ear plugs and eye mask. You really should start saving, like, two years in advance." - Caroline D.

"SLEEP on the plane ride over, or you'll be dead for the first few days." - Abby B.

"Pay attention to your data, otherwise you'll have a huge unexpected fine. Also, alone time is good, because drama." - Kyle S.

"School will NOT be as easy as everyone says, so be prepared. Oh yeah, stick deodorant is good, too" - Sarah S.


Written by: Jessica Vaughan


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