Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Signs You've Reached #travelsquadgoals

No matter where you go or how detailed your itinerary is, traveling is stressful. When you travel with friends over a long weekend, you see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the jet-lagged. Tensions can be high at times. After traveling with the same people for three months, I've realized that they key to finding good travel pals is being able to look past the sassy remarks, and power through the jet-lag. Here are some signs that maybe you've found your ideal travel crew too.

1. They don't judge you for the amount of money you spend.

Everyone spends money differently on different things. Some people throw caution (and a budget) to the wind when they go to Harry Potter World. Others have no problems buying an £8 mocha, and some still are perfectly content to opt for the £2 tea. Those with more "consumer tendencies" can rest assured that they won't be judged (at least out loud) for buying a £50 pair of shoes.

2. They come in clutch with extra room in their bags.

When you went just a little mug-crazy and overestimated the amount of room you have in your 'small carry on item,' they are always willing to give your Starbucks Dublin mug a safe place.

3. They know when to let you have your introvert time.

Being around people 24/7 is exhausting, especially when you're in a different country. There comes to be, though, an unspoken rule where at the end of the day the headphones go in, and everyone gets to recharge.

4. They love you even though they've seen you sleep with your mouth open.

Enough said.

Written by: Lydia Anvar

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