Monday, 21 September 2015

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Stress Over BS

So, you are either thinking about coming to Harlaxton, or you go here and you have to take British Studies. You have heard rumors, and for some reason, a few of them freak you out. British studies rumors are rough, and make it sound like you are going to die by course overload.

You want to go see the world and take pictures like this:

But British Studies got you like:

Though you may have heard this – or maybe I am freaking you out right now – I just want to settle these rumors and give you five reasons why you shouldn’t stress over British Studies. Here. We. Go.

 1)   It’s actually a super awesome class
Think about it, you are learning about a history that isn’t really what you learned in high school because high school was busy teaching you about America and being selfish with history. And the professors here are brilliant, and will have brilliant things to say – so enjoy it. It is a chance of a lifetime.

2)   You are living on a campus surrounded by professors
Are you freaking out because your paper is due in five weeks and don’t know exactly how to start it? Quit it now. Just settle yourself. You stinking live on campus where any British Studies professor would love to have a sit down with you to help. It is obvious that they want you to succeed and will help however they can, so take advantage of it. Also, for all the quizzes and exams, there are whole binders filled with examples of past exams and quizzes to help you out. You seriously can do it.

3)   You’re a college student, not a surgeon
Okay, so maybe I am a senior and a little more relaxed than most, but really friends, some people treat homework like life or death, and it is important, but it’s not like you are designing a rocket that might kill someone. You had a bad day on a homework assignment or quiz, it happens. Just do your best, because that’s all you can do.

4)   You’re in a whole different country
Like I said, homework and the likes is important, but when you are worrying so much about a quiz, that is worth 2% of your grade in the long run, that all you do is study for two days and don’t even venture out into town because of it, you are stressing too hard my friend.

5)   Why worry about something you can’t change?
So you did study really hard for the quiz, or you did go and read all the past exams and worked your tail off trying to study for the exam coming up, but when it comes around you didn’t do as well as you wanted to. Friend, just take a deep breath. It’s okay. You worked hard. You did your best. And that is great. A friend always says, "Why worry about something you can’t change?" And I think that is just great advice. It happened. It’s okay. Just go study and get help from the professors for the next one. It’s not the end of your college career, I promise.

So, I hope you enjoy your stay in a castle that sits in one of the most beautiful counties in the world. Stress just isn’t worth wasting this opportunity.

Good luck,

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