Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Students Among Us

The Fall 2015 class is unique, and each student contributes something special to the Harlaxton community. For at least eight students, coming to Harlaxton was the very first time they ever flew on an airplane. Thirty-eight had never left the United States before coming here.
Collectively they have travelled to dozens of countries in six continents (we have yet to find a student who’s been to Antarctica). Countries visited include: Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Bali, Brazil, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Hong Kong, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand, plus most of Europe.
There are students from Bolivia, China, and Zimbabwe, and a duel citizen of the Netherlands and United States. For several of them, this isn’t their first time living abroad, including fourteen years in Columbia, seven years in England, three years in Singapore, two years in Panama, and several months in Mexico.
Some of them are following in the footsteps of parents, siblings, or brother-in-laws who were former Harlaxton students.
The class comprises of at least two black belts in taekwondo, a professional bodybuilder, a chocolate hater, Korean speaker, proud Hawaiian shirt owner, believer in Bigfoot, a wife and step-mother, and a survivor of a near death encounter with lions.
There are champions and award winners in art, athletics, scouts, singing, acting, speech and debate, music, dance, math, cheerleading, photography, horsemanship, and cake decorating.
There are published poets and creative fiction writers amongst our students, as well as swimmers, golfers, readers, runners, dog and animal lovers, bakers, wake boarders, painters, crafters, video gamers, concrete canoers, rollerbladers, kayakers, hikers, rock climbers, ukulele players, and paranormal investigators.
The Harlaxton staff is excited to host this talented and unique group of students and is looking forward to being a part of their growth and development over the course of this semester.

Dean of Students & the SDO 

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