Thursday, 30 August 2012

Introducing Andrew Meyer

22 August 2012

In my pre-Harlaxton mix up of giddy excitement (I’m going to have an adopted British host family!) and looming anxiety (My 12 hour flight might be filled with a middle seat, flatulent travellers and crying babies!), a good friend and past Harlaxton student passed down advice that was given to her before she her trip, that is: “Do things that scare you a little.” While this is advice that has lead her up winding staircases and caused her to get trapped inside a foreign Scientology Center, she stands by it. With this in mind, my blog posts will reflect my experiences as I balance studies and travel (independently planned trips to cities like Stockholm and Munich). Meanwhile, I’ll try my best to answer common questions like: will the refectory force me to gain a heightened sense of culinary creativity? Will I get stir-crazy inside the manor or sick of traveling outside of it? How can I avoid being spotted as an American tourist? What if I think a beach is a nude beach, when it really isn’t? And, of course: do they have quidditch there? While I don’t plan on becoming as agreeable as Jim Carrey’s character in the film Yes Man (who seriously said yes to everything) I do plan on staying positive, open to new ideas, and willing to embrace scary opportunities (doing so did lead Carrey’s character to end up with Zooey Deschanel’s, after all). Whatever this semester has in store for me, I’m ready for it.

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