Thursday, 30 August 2012

Introducing Gloria Atanmo

20 August 2012

I step through the castle doors, a knight in shining armor welcomes me into the hall where thousands are gathered, rising to their feet and applauding with an uproar so loud, the nearby countries know that I’ve arrived. My room is every bit aesthetic, draped with white linen and wooden furniture to accompany the smell of rich mahogany. And then I wake up -- only to find myself on the ground of my room, lying on top of clothes that I use as floor decoration when I lack the motivation to fold them. And obviously I’m slightly off on a few details (like the horse I forgot to mention I’ll be riding in on). But hey, a girl can dream! As I’m just two overweight suitcases and a flight away, packing has been my Achilles-heel. It’s like we’re only allowed to possess two out of the following three traits: 1) Smart 2) Funny 3) Efficient Packer…and clearly I got stuck with the first two. Sheeesh ;). Anywho, because I want to remember every last detail about this semester, my camera will be at my hip 99% of the time. I would love to share a picture each day through my social media sites to keep people up to date on my ventures and also hating my guts because of all the fun I’ll be having! So here’s to the next four months filled with laughs, new adventures, amazing people, and lasting memories. Cheers!

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